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(digital) edition3

(digital) edition3


In this issue, you'll find recipes from Miami locals inspired by their family, poetry, articles about raisins and third places, and more!


You'll receive a PDF in your email with a digital copy of the first issue. You can enjoy reading on your phone or computer, and save a tree in the process!


We hope you enjoy our first issue, thank you for supporting!



  • Which Fritanga Do You Go To? by Nataly Fernandez (p.4)
  • ¿Qué Bolá Con Panolo's? by Paola Vales (p.6)
  • Hay Comida en La Casa featuring recipes by Caitlyn Luster, Vanessa Coy, Elias Rischmawi, and Kristina Pino
  • Lunch at Arbetter's with Burger Beast by Suanay Hernández
  • Who Bakes the Daily Bread? by Adam Tahoun
  • Miami Soda Cocktails by Stefani Melendez, Suanay Hernández, and Vanessa Coy
  • From Corn Husks to Banana Leaves by Genesis Sotomayor
  • Baker's Day Off by Suanay Hernández
  • Dry Ground by Jomari Perez
  • Latke's Around Town by Rebecca Shapiro
  • Farewell to Paradis featuring Lance Dixon, Aileen C. Neri, and Katy Prohira
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