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(digital) edition1

(digital) edition1


The debut of UndrBelly Magazine!


In this issue, you'll find recipes from Miami locals inspired by their family, poetry, articles about raisins and third places, and more!


You'll receive a PDF in your email with a digital copy of the first issue. You can enjoy reading on your phone or computer, and save a tree in the process!


We hope you enjoy our first issue, thank you for supporting!



  • Searching for Italy in West Kendall by Luis Parilla (p.4)
  • Justice for Raisins and Olives by Derek Barceló (p.6)
  • Meeting Westofchester by Suanay Hernández (p.8)
  • Food Desert Superheroes by Justin Borroto, Kristina Pino, and Tomas Cuervo (p.12)
  • The Belly of The Home by Misha Parris (p.17)
  • Food Truck Spotlight: Chicken Pollo by Michelle Torres (p.18)
  • So You Want To Host a Book Club? by Nathalie Goudy (p.19)
  • The Fourth Thursday by Lance Dixon (p.22)
  • The Women Behind the Ventanita by Gabriela "Gaby" Largaespada (p.24)
  • Can Restaurants Create Social Change in Miami? by Adrian Ochoa (p.36)
  • Hay Comida en La Casa featuring recipes by Kristina Pino, Maria José Collazos, Paola Vales, and Suanay Hernández (p.37)
  • Pre/Post Perreo Eats by Suanay Hernández (p.42)
  • I Don't Think We're in Miami Anymore by Mariana Rodriguez (p.45)
  • Buen Provecho Collective by Suanay Hernández (p.46)
  • 3 Chefs and 1 Ingredient featuring recipes by Katherine Alvarez, Nicholas Prieto, and Misha Parris (p.50)
  • Ppppppppppitiya by James Hernández (p.51)
  • Is Miami Becoming a Wine City? by Juliana Collazo (p.53)
  • In Loving Memory of Small Tea by Suanay Hernández (p.55)
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